The LEDs are not functioning properly on my shoe. What do I do?

A: Please view our TROUBLE-SHOE-ING Video here!

To troubleshoot- please reach inside the sole of your shoe and unplug/re-plug the battery from the LED wire. The connection may have come loose during dancing or shipment, which would cause the lights to go a bit wonky. (use attachment for details on how to remove shoe battery). 

After this, try charging your shoe for a full 4 hours. If you are still having problems please email us here with a short video demonstrating your shoe defect. 

Thank you! 



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    Stacey Granger

    it is interesting that all of the complaints have been removed and most likely not resolved like mine.  I will be filing a complaint with US government since i purchased a broken pair of shoes with you for $60 and never received satisfaction.  Anyone wanting to file a complaint also can go to  I am not giving up on this.  I have seem so many people with issues.  You guys are just taking advantage of consumers.  Expect a significant fine.

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    I received a light up hydration pack that has not worked since I received it. I have contacted them twice with no response. Thank you for the link. I will be using it. 

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    DO NOT BUY OFF THIS WEBSITE! I have never experienced customer service as poor as this before! I received my product and it did not work from the start. The website guarantees a response from customer service in "3-5 days"... I contacted them on 12/7/16 and it is now 12/20/16 with no response. Very disappointed. Read the other reviews and stay informed... this is an ongoing trend with this company. I am warning you, do not purchase anything off of this website.

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    Angel Ayala

    I cant thank you enough for helping me with my shoe! It was the first day trying them and the wire wasnt fully connected. I was running in them and it might have disconnected but thanks again!!

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