Where can I submit product feedback?

A: We love feedback! Please email us at here with product ideas and suggestions. 

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    Karina Roberts

    They stole my return. And now nobody will answer my emails. The shoes were to small, so I sent them back for an exchange, and now can't receive any feedback. I'm really disappointed. The shoes were a gift for my son on his 13 birthday and we're still yet to see them again. Sad excuse for a company.

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    Kim Laws

    They did the same thing to my daughter and her friend.  They ordered their shoes on 9-27, received the label for the return and the shoes returned on 10-7.  They will not answer any of the emails that we have sent.   I am now on a mission. 

    Buyer beware is all that I can say.

    Electric Styles - if you are reading this, the order number was 53123.   Please either ship my daughters replacement shoes or refund her the money.   Extremely poor customer service and the worst customer experience that I have ever witnessed.

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    Edith Lindsay
    1. I agree with the above statements.  I have a pair of gray canvas shoes that will not light up.  Everything is connected for cords in the shoes, but they will not exchange, refund.  I have sent them several emails and they will not respond.  I have put the word on facebook to not buy from this company.  $75 gone.  . Edith Lindsay
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    Shirley Sansom

    I purchased a pair of shoes for my son on 8/23/16.  They claim they tried to ship them but the address was unknown.  Funny I get packages there all the time.  They were quick to take my $99.97 out  of my account but will not return any of my emails.   I'm done!!! I am turning them into Paypal.  The worst customer Service Ever!!!  I am a business owner.  My suggestion is you fire your Customer Service Department before they destroy your business.  I seriously considered  becoming a Vendor of your product until I was mistreated.  

    If you care at all my Invoice ID is C10068029956.1 Transaction ID 4JF1456772208045Y.  

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    Nigel Mather

    Reading the comments on this page it is abundantly clear that these guys are defrauding people of their money

    I too placed several orders the first ones I received after a long wait but my latest order and money has disappeared into thin air


    Despite several emails from which I didn't even get the courtesy of a  response ,despite being told by a computer generated email my issue would be dealt with within 48 hours

    Its time companies like this were brought to rights 

    It is also no great surprise that there is no telephone number

    Does any body based in America know the equivalent of Trading Standard in The UK as I think we should all be reporting these con men



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    Stacey Granger

    I cannot believe these people are still in business.  I submitted a complaint with Consumer Protection and I urge everyone else to do the same.  It seems they don't like feedback as they say since they took down my post.

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