Night Glider - Product Details

Product details for our new Light Up Skateboard, the Night Glider

  • The highest grade of bearings available, the ABEC-9 608RS (industry skateboard standard)
  • Comes with 4 LED Polyurethane (PU) cruiser wheels that light up. These 59mm wheels are self-powered as they spin, so you’ll never need to charge your wheels.
  • Our 27-inch Ultra-clear Polycarbonate deck is not only flexible and durable, but lights up too! With a perfectly sealed LED strip and battery that is safely placed underneath the base-plate, you can easily charge your board with any micro-usb charger. Our LED decks come with 7 different color-changing modes.
  • The hanger and baseplate are both aluminum with a steel axle, capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the daily “grind”.
  • Hard (98a+) Bushings is the most responsive option for keeping your board in control and allowing for the fastest response when doing quick maneuvers and flip tricks.
  • Our 3in High Trucks offers the best clearance, to avoid any wheelbites, and work the best with our cruiser wheels.

You can change/remove all the parts of your trucks to customize, including: Bearings, king pin, axle nut, spacer, wheel, axle, bushings, riser, truck, truck nuts, truck bolts

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